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    Home Maintenance Inspections in Sydney NS

    A Home Maintenance Inspection provides our clients (home owners) with a Inspection Report of their current property (residential or multi-unit) which aims to provide seasonal or annual support with regards to any issues that may be hidden which can become problematic if left unchecked.

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    Professional Home Maintenance Inspector in Sydney NS

    A home is not only a place where you live but is also a significant investment. However, it can lose its charm and value if you don’t maintain it properly. It is understandable that some things can be unintentionally overlooked during your hectic lives. Hiring a professional home inspector can reduce this likeness. At Cape Home Inspections, we have a team of skilled home maintenance inspectors who will comprehensively examine your home. The inspector will be looking at key components of your home, including

    • The exterior of the home
    • Interiors of the house
    • Electrical System
    • HVAC systems,
    • Plumbing systems
    • Site grading and drainage

    After thoroughly examining and visually inspecting the home, the professional inspector will create a comprehensive report with all findings and recommendations for repair and maintenance. Get in touch with our team of professional home maintenance inspectors in Sydney, NS, today!

    What to Expect From Our Home Maintenance Expert

    A home maintenance inspection is where you hire professionals as a precautionary measure to ensure that the house has no hidden problems or defects that need to be fixed before it’s too late. For instance, leaking pipelines, unsealed exterior components, or missing roofing materials can cause costly structural damage. However, a home inspection can help you avoid these costs and save you tons of money.

    Today InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) advises homeowners to get routine maintenance inspections of their houses done annually. The team of experts at Cape Home Inspections will provide you with the best home maintenance inspection services and unbiased advice on what needs to be repaired or upgraded. Finally, a maintenance inspection from our home maintenance experts will ensure that your home is in excellent shape and condition. Get in touch with our professional experts today for a quote!

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