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    Pre-Sale Inspections in Sydney NS

    At Cape Home Inspections we offer Pre-Sale Inspections for your Home or Multi-Unit Building before you list it on the market. This is a great way to find out any current issues with your property so you can make repairs or at the least, avoid any big surprises that may jeopardize your sale of the property.

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    Professional Pre-Sale Home Inspector in Sydney

    A pre-sale inspection will inform you of the true state of your home before listing it on the market. It will warn you of any potential problems and repairs that you need to make. The professional pre-sale home inspector will inspect the house’s systems and check for possible damages. The inspector will further examine key areas of the home, such as:

    • The exterior of the house
    • The structure and construction of the house
    • The ceiling, basement, doorways, windows, and walls
    • The plumbing and electrical systems

    Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a report with the recommendations. A pre-sale inspection will thus give you time to address concerns facing your home and minimise the chances of your home being rejected by potential buyers once the house is up for sale. We at Cape Home Inspections provide the best pre-sale inspection in Sydney, NS. Contact us today to book your pre-sale inspection in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

    Offering Quality Pre-Sale Inspection Services in Sydney NS

    Do you intend to sell your home? If so, you already have a long list of tasks to complete. However, the most important of these tasks is a pre-sale inspection before you put your house on the market. A pre-sale inspection primarily involves an inspector who helps you find any potential issues or necessary repairs before you place your home for sale.

    Additionally, a pre-sale inspection enables you to market your house more effectively and draw in buyers. It advertises to potential buyers that your house has a credible pre-listing inspection report that portrays its good condition. This also speeds up the selling process and closes lengthy real estate deals faster. At Cape Home Inspections, we provide you with the best quality pre-sale inspection services in Sydney, NS. Contact us today!

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