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    Water Testing in Sydney NS

    Our water quality testing is a specialist but straightforward test where we take samples of your home’s water to look for toxins and pollutants like chlorine, lead, and any form of disease-causing bacteria. Testing can also identify chemical imbalances in the pH as well as other characteristics such as hardness.

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    Why get Your Water Tested?

    Water must be tested frequently to prevent environmental hazards and potential health diseases. Numerous potential causes of contamination exist today, including:

    • Sewage discharges
    • Faulty wastewater treatment 
    • Chemical runoffs from factories
    • Mineral compounds like radon and uranium that are found in nature
    • Additionally, drinking water not appropriately treated or distributed through pipes that are not maintained may raise the danger of contamination.

    Safety is a primary reason why you should get your water tested. You might often assume that the water you drink is safe, but until you test it, you cannot be sure. Many toxins, such as lead, could be in your water without your knowledge. Water testing will help you detect any typical issues that may be unharmful but still affects the taste and quality of your water, in addition to determining whether it is safe to drink. At Cape Home Inspections, we will provide you with a water testing solution that will guarantee that you are drinking and using safe water.

    Professional Water Testing Expert in Sydney NS

    Today numerous factors affect or alter the quality and safety of the water you use. For instance, defective plumbing and outdated pipes can result in water contamination. Additionally, lead can leak into water supplies, and arsenic can enter the water supply through soil deposits and industrial or agricultural contamination. However, water testing will help you find any typical issues with everything from the quality and taste to its safety quotient. If you are looking for a solution to test the quality of your water, we at Cape Home Inspections are the best in the business. We are professional water testing experts in Sydney, NS, and are pleased to assist you with the best water quality analysis. When you book your services with us, we will take water samples from your home to look for contaminants and toxins. We will also test for hardness, pH levels, and the presence of chemicals. Get in touch with us to get your water tested today.

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