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    Multi-Unit Inspections in Sydney NS

    A Multi-Unit Inspection is similar in nature to that of a Residential Home Inspection with an added focus on safety and security based on the National Building Code Standards.

    Any building with 2-4 units is considered a Multi-Unit Building and will require a litte extra attention to detail in order to inform our clients about certain saftey and security requirements that will help limit our clients liability.

    Multi-Unit Buildings are a great source of passive income! Let us at Cape Home Inspections protect you and your investment by providing you with a detailed Inspection Report on your new investment property!

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    Top Rated Multi-Unit Home Inspector in Sydney

    An inspection of a building with two, three, or four units is known as a multi-unit inspection. Furthermore, it examines every single unit and is thus similar to a regular house inspection. A multi-unit inspection reduces the expenses and dangers of purchasing a large property. A multi-unit inspection covers the following:

    • Exterior components, including the landscape and fencing (where applicable)
    • Chimneys and roofs
    • Decks, balconies, and drainage systems
    • HVAC
    • Attics, basement, and overall structures
    • Fireplaces
    • Flooring, ceilings, and doorways

    At Cape Home Inspections, our team of licensed and top-rated home inspectors in Sydney have the required training and expertise to provide you with a thorough multi-unit home inspection so that you are fully informed and aware. Our inspectors will work closely with you for a fast, simple, multi-unit home inspection. Get in touch with us to learn more about the property and any potential issues.

    Trusted Home Inspection Services in Sydney NS

    Whether buying or selling a property, a home inspection must be a priority on your checklist. This is because it can inform you of potential issues and help you avoid hefty costs later in the process. We at Cape Home Inspections offer trusted home inspection services in Sydney, Cape Breton, NS. Our home inspection services include inspection of every part of your home, from the exteriors to the heating and cooling systems. We guarantee the best services and take pride in offering thorough and transparent inspections so that you can make a clear, well-informed decision.

    Keeping your investment safe is what our goal is. Get in touch with us today- your trusted home inspectors in Sydney! Our team of experts will visit your site and inspect for both minor and major issues with your home. We further provide you reports that aim to provide you with all the information you need, along with aiding in cost estimations, so that you can make an informed decision.

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